School transport

During the month of April 2019, the Federation of Bus Transporters (FTA) and the school transportation sector of the Federation of Public Service Employees of the CSN (FEESP-CSN) decided to engage in a to act on violence in the field of school transportation. By addressing this issue in a common way, we believe we can obtain a real picture of the reality and carry out our actions to improve the safety of the students transported, but also the drivers who transport them.
The first step in our approach is to collect information on school transportation incidents, how these incidents are managed by the various stakeholders and the impacts on the work.
We want to use experiences in the workplace to increase our influence on the intervention process of third parties, including School Boards. The wealth of information collected will help to document and support our efforts to stop acts of violence or, at the very least, reconcile them with relevant intervention measures.
We therefore ask you to answer a short questionnaire by clicking on the following link:

SURVEY (French only)

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