The Federation


The Bus Carriers Federation's mission is to promote the safe and efficient mobility of people and thus contribute to the image, increase in value and stability of public transportation.

Our promise to our members is to make sure that our actions will ENGAGE, CONSULT & DIRECT. This is more than just an intention, it is an claim, an imperative.

The Federation's goals:

  • To bring together into a corporation private businesses offering public transportation services, public/private corporations interested in public transportation, and businesses generally involved in the tourism industry.
  • To represent the Quebec public transportation industry and protect its interests every time it is required.
  • To promote public transportation.
  • To promote and encourage quality service and environmentally friendliness with businesses providing public transportation services.
  • To suggest and provide businesses providing public transportation services with means to improve their efficiency and productivity, and assist them in implementing them.
  • To monitor laws and regulations affecting Quebec carrier members.
  • To intervene with the appropriate authorities for adopting and applying the laws and regulations related to public transportation.
  • To promote research in the public transportation field and related lines of activity.


A new organization… with a 137-year history

The year 2014 is an important turning point for the APAQ (Quebec Bus Owners Association) and the ATEQ (Quebec School Transportation Association). These two associations with a strong foothold in the school transportation sector have now become one single entity.

This merger gave birth to the Bus Carriers Federation, now gathering over 700 members from all passenger transportation sectors, such as school bus, intercity, urban, tourism-charter, specialized, airport, medical, and subscription transportation.

Private bus transportation companies are now represented by a strong, representative Federation with a rich history and broad expertise.

Board of Directors

Executive Council


  • Stéphane Lefebvre, Groupe Autocar Jeannois


  • Caroline Vallée, Autobus Vausco
  • Pierre Tremblay, Autobus Tremblay & Paradis Inc.


  • Pierre Tourville, Autobus B.Dion (Windsor)


  • Claudia Boissonneault, Autocar Excellence
  • Laurie Henner, Autobus Transco (1988)
  • Martin Désilets, Autobus Désilets
  • Michel Tremblay, Interbus (9226-2930 Québec inc.)

  • Pascal Ouellet, Énersco inc.
  • Nicolas L. Maheux, Les Autobus Maheux 
  • Philippe Plante, Autobus Plante
  • Stéphane Boisvert, Transport S & L

The committees

The Board of Directors members will sit on committees, i.e.:

  • Audit Committee
  • Insurance Committee
  • Safety Committee
  • Intercity & Urban Committee
  • School Transportation Committee
  • Tourism-Charter Committee
  • Employment Committee
  • Electrification Committee