• COVID-19 : Mises à jour

    Your Federation

    Restez inforé sur l’évolution de la crise du COVID-19 et les impacts sur les opérations des transporteurs

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  • Conseil provincial

    Your Federation

    La Fédération vous invite au conseil provincial du printemps qui aura lieu en mode virtuel. 

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  • Annual General Meeting

    Your Federation

    Vous convoqué(e) à l’assemblée générale annuelle (AGA) de la Fédération des transporteurs par autobus qui aura lieu par VIDÉOCONFÉRENCE, le mercredi, 23 septembre à 14h00.

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  • Campagne média en cours!

    Your Federation

    Depuis le 22 juin, une vaste campagne média est déployée sur les ondes de TVA ainsi que sur les plateformes web du groupe Québécor, et ce, jusqu’au 10 juillet.

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  • Répertoire des produits/services COVID-19

    Your Federation

    Votre Fédération vous a préparé un répertoire de ses membres fournisseurs qui offrent des produits et services pour essayer de contrer la propagation de la Covid-19. 

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  • Stein Monast informs you...

    Laws and rules

    Fatal accident involving a heavy vehicle: Overview of administrative, penal and criminal implications
    By Me Sarah Routhier and Me Pierre-Olivier Ménard Dumas

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  • MCC and Ontario transportation Expo

    Charter-tourist transport

    Motor Coach Canada—the national association representing motor coach and tour operators—is pleased to offer a special invitation to all motor coach operators from across the country to attend the largest motor coach trade show and conference in Canada and take advantage of a special MCC membership offer.

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    Laws and rules

    The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) recently published in the Federal Register 2020 the fees for commercial carriers required by law to participate in the United carrier registration ("UCR"). The UCR national registration system is now ready to process registrations.



    Operation Roadcheck 2020 will take place this spring from May 5 to 7. Through a high volume of inspections, highway inspectors will be responsible for reminding heavy vehicle drivers (“CVL”) of the importance of road safety and good practices and will focus on the compliance of CVL during a road inspection.

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  • CNESST - Déclaration des salaires 2019


    The production period for the 2019 Statement of Wages has now started. Each employer registered with the CNESST for the occupational health and safety aspect must file his Declaration before March 15, 2020, to avoid penalty and interest.

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  • SST grand prize


    This provincial competition praises people who, through their determination, creativity and values, help promote health and safety in Quebec. The success of a good idea does not lie in its magnitude, but rather in its effectiveness in eliminating the dangers!

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  • Un record pour la Fondation!

    Your Federation

    27 500 $ amassés pour les élèves en milieu scolaire défavorisé – un record pour la Fondation des transporteurs par autobus     

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  • 40/5000 Driver Information - Luggage stowage

    Quels bagages sont permis à bord?

    En principe, tous les bagages peuvent être acceptés à bord d’un autobus scolaire ou autre. Mais tous, exception faite des bagages à main, doivent être arrimés correctement.  

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  • INFO-TRAVAIL : Nouveautés

    Laws and rules
    Declaration of hiring temporary foreign workers

    Since January 1, 2020, any employer who hires one or more temporary foreign workers under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program must declare it to the CNESST by completing a Declaration of Hiring Temporary Foreign Workers.

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  • Info-Formation

    Pay Equity Webinar

    The Standards, Equity, Health and Safety Commission (CNESST) is partnering with TELUQ University to offer online training at no cost on the Pay Equity Act as well as the rights and obligations related to it.

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  • New chartered transport - Condition "W" added to driving license

    Laws and rules

    For your information, when a driver's license is marked "W", it means that the driver cannot drive a heavy vehicle (class 1, 2, 3 or 4B) in the United States, since he does not meet to that country's standards for driver health. The targeted health problems are: diabetes treated with insulin, epilepsy, partial or total hearing loss.

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