Want to organize a fundraising event in your company? Here are a few ideas for you.


The toolkit is filled with suggestions, means and tips for companies wishing to encourage the Fondation to get involved with funding through simple gestures, i.e. fundraising activities requiring little to no preparation, time and/or management.

Here are a few examples of simple, effective methods that clearly explain how to implement a fundraising mechanism at the office or elsewhere, on a voluntary basis of course.

50/50 Draw
Always a popular activity–the sale of tickets for a 50/50 draw, where half of the collected money is given to the organization and the other half to the holder of the winning ticket.

Rent a Manager 
Employees make donations to see their managers do a specific task for an hour.

Small Change Pot
Small change collection. Leave a collection pot at the reception desk or cafeteria.

Casual Friday
Employees wishing to wear jeans on Fridays pay, for example, $2 and for $4, they may wear loose pants and a comfortable t-shirt.

Dual Challenge 
People often pay a lot of money to challenge you to do something (original recipe, pushups in the hallway, etc.). Be creative and see how far you will go to collect money!

Contest Across the Office 
Talk to everybody at work and try to come up with a competition to find out who will give the most money. Award a “prize” to the winner. Perhaps movie tickets or restaurant gift certificates?

The Shortest Tie 
Bosses must enter this contest aimed at ending the day with the shortest tie. Employees pay a certain amount to cut 1 cm off the boss’ tie. Buy a horrible‑looking tie that is on sale.

Bowling Night 
Plan a bowling night by asking the owner of the alley to provide a certain number of lanes for free and invite your coworkers to a bowling evening where you may collect the equivalent of lane fees for your campaign. Give those who cannot make it the opportunity to donate. (SOURCE: FONDATION DU CHU DE QUÉBEC)

Birthday Present Promise 
This is a very simple way to collect funds–it will be much easier for your family and friends to give you cheques than to go shopping for hours to find the perfect present. Furthermore, they will get a charitable tax receipt!


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