Rules and Policies

I- Introduction

The aim of the Bienvenue Québec rules and policies is to promote an optimal number of appointments in a fair and efficient manner.

  • Enforcing these rules and accompanying penalties ensures the following:
    • In an extremely competitive market involving millions of dollars in business, each organization is treated fairly and is not harmed by others who do not abide by the rules.
    • Only the people registered in Bienvenue Québec are authorized to be in the virtual rooms for appointments and/or videoconferences.
  • These rules apply to all activities that occur during Bienvenue Québec. It is important that all participants read, understand and comply with the policies governing this event.
  • Failure to observe the rules is a violation of the contract under which Bienvenue Québec has agreed to register and accredit an individual. At this point, Bienvenue Québec is entitled to terminate the contract without further notification. In serious cases, penalties may even be applied in subsequent years.
  • The Bienvenue Québec welcome staff is mandated to enforce all rules appearing in this document. They have the training and power to do so.
  • At any time, duly authorized individuals have the capacity to respond to complaints in a professional manner and properly interpret the rules.

II - Bienvenue Québec's mode of operation

The Bus Carriers Federation is responsible for managing Bienvenue Québec and determining the policies that govern it.

III - “Bienvenue Québec” trademark

Bienvenue Québec is an official trademark and is protected by copyright. Use of the registered trademark, held by the Bus Carriers Federation, is reserved to its organizers for the purposes of promoting the event and shall not be printed, used, or displayed without the expressed written permission of the Bus Carriers Federation.

IV - Criteria for selecting participants and restrictions


Buyer with appointments schedule

a) The buyer with appointments schedule must receive prior approval by the Bus Carriers Federation, and this, based on recommendations made by the Alliance de l'industrie touristique du Québec, the Canadian Tourism Commission, professional tourism organisations, representatives of the tourism industry and sellers participating in Bienvenue Québec.

b) The buyer with appointments schedule must develop and sell packages in the province of Québec, including accommodation, transportation and activities.

c) The buyer with appointments schedule shall have operated at least one organized group tour departure or at least 50 days of organized tours within Québec during the 12-month period preceding the date of the company’s request for registration, unless the buyer is participating in Bienvenue Québec for the first time.

d) In the case of a buyer with appointments schedule operating in Québec as a destination for the first time, they will have to show significant development in the two years following their initial participation in Bienvenue Québec.

e) The buyer with appointments schedule must hold a comprehensive public liability insurance policy, a professional liability insurance policy and an errors and omissions liability insurance policy from a reputable insurance company.

f) The buyer with appointments schedulemust be in compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations and must be duly qualified and licensed to do business in each jurisdiction which requires such qualification or licensing.

g) The buyer must delegate a English-speaking representative having decision-making power.

h) The buyer must be able to demonstrate that it is ready to conclude contracts with sellers during the Marketplace.

i) The buyer must possess all appropriate operating licenses.


Seller with appointments schedule

a) The types of businesses accepted as sellers are: farm tourism activities, outdoor, nature, adventure activities, learning activities, aquarium, inn, casino, shopping center, health center and spa, resort, chain motel/hotel, cruise, destination (DMO), festival, golf, hotel, garden, microbrewery, museum, park/outfitter, amusement park, country cooking, vacation rentals (condos, cottages, apartments), restaurant, theaters (offering a regular programming), guide service, farm tourism and regional food product sites, cultural site, industrial site, religious site, sports site, ski resort, aboriginal tourism, transportation (only carrier members of the Bus Carriers Federation), orchard, vineyard, zoo.

b) Motorcoach operators, tour operators and receptive agencies must be members of the Bus Carriers Federation as well as previously registered as buyers in the Marketplace.

c) Any business with vehicles that meet the definition of a minibus in section 4 of the Québec “Highway Safety Code” must be a “carrier” member of the Bus Carriers Federation in order to participate in Bienvenue Québec.

d) Any seller who would like to register as a seller with appointments must be a member of the Bus Carriers Federation from April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022.

e) Bienvenue Québec requirement regarding membership in the Bus Carriers Federation: In order for the registration in Bienvenue Québec (requiring Bus Carriers Federation membership) to be valid, the civic address on the membership file must match the civic address on the Bienvenue Québec registration form.

f) The seller must delegate a bilingual decision-making representative (French and English) and the product or service he represents must be ready for international marketing.

g) The company registered at Bienvenue Québec must have a version of its website in English.

h) The seller must be able to demonstrate that it is ready to conclude contracts with buyers during the event, in particular by having the capacity to provide contracted net rates according to the type of buyer and honour these rates during the duration of the contract. Products must be available immediately or within a timeframe respecting the operational needs of the buyers in attendance.

i) The seller must communicate and accept reservations and requests for information by phone or email.

j) The seller must set up billing arrangements with the operator, travel agency or tour operator.

k) The seller must possess all appropriate operating licenses.

l) Criteria h) and j) do not apply to destination marketing organizations or sector associations.

V - Policy on publication of company information

Sellers and buyers with appointments shall submit a “business profile,” which lists the products and/or services that they are looking for or selling. The profiles will be published for the appointment requests.

vi - appointments

1. The registration allows a single set of appointment for each business company (buyer or seller).

2.For each company (buyer or seller) with appointments, registration allows to make appointment requests for which each delegate is responsible.

3. Bienvenue Québec offers four sessions of appointments.  The number of appointment sessions varies according to the availability chosen by the delegate. For all sessions, buyers are the ones who have the virtual room.

4. A notification indicates the beginning of each appointment. It is the responsibility of each delegate to respect the meeting time.

5. All buyers and sellers appointment requests are made via the web platform. Each delegate must accept or refuse the requests they receive from both parties.

6.Only sellers that have paid their registration fee will have access to the appointment requests platform and will be displayed to buyers.

7. All appointments that appear on the schedule are mandatory. If a delegate, for any reason, cannot attend a scheduled appointment, he is requested to notify the delegate with whom he had an appointment via the web platform.