Enhance your Exposure


A picture is worth a thousand words and your logo will be the point of reference for buyers. At the moment of selecting appointment requests, buyers will quickly identify your online visual ID. This image will be reinforced when combined with your presentation in person on D-Day.

Significantly increase your company's visibility during the appointment selection period by choosing to enhance your profile.

  1. At first glance when viewing the list of sellers, buyers will see your name written in an enlarged font.
  2. Also marked with a miniature version of your logo and/or a video icon, the buyer will be able, before even meeting you, to be directed towards photos and/or video of your company or organization.
  3. ​Finally you will have a longer description of your company so that the buyer can seize the opportunity to meet you.

2 options


⇒ Example of layout 
  • 3 pictures
  • Your logo
  • Description of up to 925 characters in French and English (approx. 150 words)

Example of layout

  • 3 pictures
  • Your logo
  • Corporate video
  • Description of up to 925 characters in French and English (approx. 150 words)

 Deadline to receive your material and layout form : August 21, 2020
Prices shown are before applicable taxes.

Cancellation Policy
If written notice of cancellation is received at Bus Carriers Federation’s offices by no later than August 21st, 2020, 50% of the amount paid for the enhanced profile will be refunded. No amount will be refunded in the case of cancellation notices received after August 21st, 2020.



The partnership options offered at Bienvenue Québec allow your company/organization to set itself apart in an original way. These options suit different budgets and target several types of clients.

For more information, please contact Julie Blanchet at 418 476-8181 ext. 216 or by email at jblanchet@federationautobus.com.